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Hon. Brent A. Carr, Fort Worth

Hon. Brent A. Carr

Judge Carr has been the Presiding Judge of the Tarrant County Mental Health Court since 2003, the Presiding Judge of the Tarrant County Veterans Treatment Court, since 2010,  the Presiding Judge of the Tarrant County RISE Program (sex trafficked women) since 2011, and the Supervising Judge of the Tarrant County Enhanced Mental Health Services Docket since 2015.  He has served as consultant for numerous specialty courts around the state; was the inaugural chair of Tarrant County Veterans Coalition; serves on local nonprofit mental health and substance abuse agencies (past chair); current service on the HUD required board of the local homeless coalition; current service on the Governor’s Specialty Court Advisory Council; and current service as Chair, Office of Court Administration Advisory Council on specialty courts; and frequent lecturer at local, state and national trainings on mental health related topics.

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