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Hon. Yolanda Huff, San Antonio

Hon. Yolanda Huff

Judge Yolanda Huff presides over County Court 12 and the Mental Health Court in San Antonio, Texas. Before running for judge in 2018, Huff was a solo practitioner in Bexar County for 22 years and handled criminal, Child Protective Services (CPS) and personal injury cases.

Judge Huff is a mother of three and donates her time and money to several worthwhile organizations. She is a board member of Youth Transitioning Into Adulthood, a worthy nonprofit that helps foster kids who are leaving the foster care system. She is member of Children’s Court Ad Litem Association and she served twice as president for the San Antonio Black Lawyers Association. Huff served 12 years on the advisory board for the Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center (Mediation). She has been a member of the San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and she was a staff attorney for the Felony Drug Court for two years. This much needed treatment court works with defendants who have substance abuse issues. Judge Huff has been asked to serve on the board of the nonprofit Driving Single Parents, which gives cars to needy and deserving single parents. Judge Huff has been a member of NAACP for the past three years and was recognized as an "Outstanding Woman" by the NAACP in 2019. Judge Huff also serves on the Bexar County Domestic Violence Committee and the Bexar County 16.22 Progress Committee.

One of Judge Huff's greatest accomplishments since taking the bench on January 1, 2019 has been the founding of the Bexar County Specialty Courts Coalition. Judge Huff is Chair of the Coalition, which educates the community about Specialty Courts. In 2020 Judge Huff was awarded the Bexar County "Pioneer Award" by the Bexar County Small Business & Entrepreneur Department. In her spare time she enjoys reading, spending time with family, hiking the state and national parks and running marathons.

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