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Dr. Tony Fabelo, Austin

Dr. Tony Fabelo

Dr. Tony Fabelo serves as a Senior Fellow for the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute of Texas, providing strategic guidance to improve the Texas mental health system. He was formerly the Austin-based director of research at the Justice Center of the Council of State Governments. Dr. Fabelo was the executive director of the Texas Criminal Justice Policy Council from 1991-2003. Before that, he served in other capacities assisting, since 1984, five Texas governors and 16 regular biennial Texas legislatures. In early 2012, he was appointed to a prestigious panel of the National Academy of Sciences that issued in 2014 a national report on the consequences of high incarceration rates. Among other recognitions, his career-long work with the Texas District and County Attorney Association earned him in 2015 the organization’s award for distinguished service to the association and the profession.

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