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Articles of Interest

Joint Committee on Access and Forensic Services

Joint Committee on Access and Forensic Services discusses the Judicial Summit on Mental Health. (October 31, 2018)

Judicial Commission on Mental Health Hosts Summit

October 2018

Texas Judges are Leading a Cultural Shift on How We Handle Defendants with Mental Health Problems

May 2018

Texas courts step up on mental health

May 2018

Judicial Resource Letter on JCMH

Judicial Resource Letter on JCMH; Children's Commission

February 2018

Texas Courts Not Equipped to Deal With Mental Health Issues, Courts Find

February 2018

Texas’ High Courts Hold Historic Joint Hearing, Establish Mental Health Commission

January 2018

Looking Beneath the Surface

January 2018

Judicial Commission Discusses the Role of Mental Health in Civil and Criminal Justice

January 2018

Mental health docket addresses needs in Texas jails

January 2018

Texas' Two Highest Courts Begin Addressing Mental Health Challenges

January 2018

Texas’ Highest Courts Launch Review of Mental Health and Incarceration

January 2018

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