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Materials published on the JCMH website are helpful reports and resources for judges and attorneys handling cases regarding persons with mental illness and/or IDD and are intended for reference use only. They are not legal advice, and may not represent the official opinion of the JCMH. The inclusion of external links are not endorsements by the JCMH of the content of the websites, or of their policies, services or opinions of the organization or individual. The JCMH reserves the right to decline requests for the addition of external resources.

A list of guides and tools developed by the JCMH and stakeholders.

Guide for Addressing the Needs of Persons with Mental Illness in the Court System

Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses

Parent Resource Guide

Parent Resource Guide; Children's Commission

For print:

Online (Mobile friendly, available in the LawBox app):

Cross-Agency Behavioral Health Initiatives

Cross-Agency Behavioral Health Initiatives; The Office of Mental Health Coordination, Texas HHS

Texas Criminal Procedure and the Offender with Mental Illness

FY17 Annual Statistical Report

FY 2017 Annual Statistical Report; Office of Court Administration

Early Intercept Diversion Survey Results

Texas Mental Health Defender Programs

Texas Mental Health Defender Programs; Texas Indigent Defense Commission

Building a Trauma-Informed Child Welfare System: A Blueprint

Building a Trauma-Informed Child Welfare System: A Blueprint is a roadmap developed by the Statewide Collaborative on Trauma-Informed Care that outlines the paradigm shift needed to better serve Texas children and families involved with the child welfare system. The Blueprint is available for download on the Children’s Commission website

Mental Health Wellness for Individuals with IDD

Mental Health Wellness for Individuals with IDD is an online, self-paced training that HHSC developed on the mental health needs of people with IDD. Created for direct service workers, the course is for anyone who supports people with IDD and consists of 6 modules that can be taken separately:

  1. Co-occurring Disorders: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and Mental Illness
  2. Trauma-informed Care (TIC) for Individuals with IDD
  3. Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Support
  4. Overview of Genetic Syndromes Associated with IDD
  5. Overview of Medical Diagnoses Associated with IDD
  6. Putting It All Together: Supports and Strategies for DSWs

Mental Health and Behavioral Health Website, Texas Education Agency

Texas Child Protection Law Bench Book

Texas Child Protection Law Bench Book; Children's Commission

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