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On January 11, 2018, the Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals held a historic joint hearing to gather input on the need for and the priorities of a statewide judicial commission on mental health. State and tribal judges, law enforcement, veterans, juvenile services experts, psychologists, psychiatrists, and persons with lived experience with these systems, provided valuable insight at the hearing and voiced unqualified support for the creation of a statewide judicial commission.

The Judicial Commission on Mental Health (“the Commission”)  was created by a joint order of the two Courts on February 13, 2018 to develop, implement, and coordinate policy initiatives designed to improve the courts' interaction with—and the administration of justice for—children, adults, and families with mental health needs. On April 11th, the two Courts issued the Order Appointing Judicial Commission on Mental Health. The first meeting will be May 15th in Austin.

Court Orders

Historic Joint Hearing

January 11, 2018

Court Orders

Video & Photos of January 11, 2018 Joint Hearing

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