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Collaborative Council

The work of JCMH requires the sustained collaboration of dedicated individuals who are committed to creating a legal system that better serves individuals with mental health challenges. The Collaborative Council is composed of interested stakeholders and advocates from across Texas to inform the JCMH on important matters when considering projects and policy. 

  • Hon. Mark Allen
    Judge, Jasper County
  • Trey Apffel
    Executive Director, State Bar of Texas
  • David Aronofsky
    Professor (ret.), University of Montana
  • Hon. Mark Atkinson
    Chief Executive Officer, Texas Center for the Judiciary
  • Hon. Daphne Previti Austin
    Judge, Bexar County, 289th Juvenile District Court
  • Lauren Bledsoe
    Trauma-Informed Care Program Specialist, Department of Family Protective Services
  • Jay Brandon
    District Attorney, Bexar County
  • Dr. Virginia A. Brown
    Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School, Department of Population Health 
  • Hon. Nelda Cacciotti
    Judicial Staff Counsel/Mental Health Magistrate, Tarrant County
  • Angel Carroll
    Emerging Adult Policy Associate, Lone Star Justice Alliance
  • Seth Christensen
    Director of Stakeholder Relations, Texas Juvenile Justice Department
  • Hon. Rex Davis
    Justice, Tenth Court of Appeals
  • Leah Davies
    Project Manager, Strategic Health Alliance, Texas Center for Disability Studies, University of Texas at Austin
  • Alyse Ferguson
    Chief Attorney, Collin County Mental Health Managed Counsel
  • Lesli Fitzpatrick
    Specialty Court Coordinator, Williamson County DWI/Drug Court
  • Gilbert Gonzales
    Director, Department of Behavioral and Mental Health
  • Dr. Courtney Harvey
    Forensic Director, Health and Human Services Commission
  • Elizabeth Henneke
    Executive Director, Lone Star Justice Alliance
  • Colleen Horton
    Policy Program Officer, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
  • Angelita Hunter
    Judicial Clerk, City of McKinney Municipal Court
  • Trina K. Ita
    Deputy Associate Commissioner, Medical & Social Services (MSS) Division, Behavioral Health Services, Texas Health and Human Services Commission
  • Hon. David Jahn
    Associate Judge, Denton County Probate Court
  • Lee Johnson
    Deputy Director, Texas Council of Community Centers, Inc. 
  • Windy Johnson
    Program Manager, Texas Conference of Urban Counties
  • Louise Joy
    Attorney, Joy & Young, LLP
  • Hon. Evelyn Keyes
    Justice, First Court of Appeals
  • Mike Lozito
    Judicial Services Director, Bexar County
  • Trish McAllister
    Executive Director, Texas Access to Justice Commission
  • Jennifer Yip Marshall
    Survivors of Trafficking Empowerment, Program (STEP) Supervisor, Refugee Services of Texas
  • Hon. Lela Mays
    Magistrate Judge, Successful Treatment of Addiction through Collaboration (STAC), Criminal District Court
  • Joanna Mendez
    Community Wellness Counselor, Refugee Services of Texas 
  • Terry Qualls
    Crisis Intervention Coordinator, McKinney Police Department
  • Janis Reinken
    Chief Clerk, House Committee on Corrections
  • Michelle Romero
    Associate Director, Texas Medical Association
  • Melissa Schank
    Executive Director, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Brigid Sheridan
    Associate General Counsel, University Health System
  • Matt Smith
    Assistant Executive Director / Director of Mental Health Services, Williamson County Juvenile Services
  • Jeanne Stamp
    Director, Texas Homeless Education Office
  • Hon. Charles Stephens
    Judge, Comal County Court at Law #2
  • Larry Temple
    Executive Director, Texas Workforce Commission
  • Gloria Terry
    Chief Executive Officer, Texas Council on Family Violence
  • Rick Thompson
    Senior Legislative Manager, Texas Association of Counties
  • Hon. Ryan Kellus Turner
    General Counsel and Director of Education, Texas Municipal Court Education Center
  • Keona Ugwuh
    Community Supervision Officer, Dallas County
  • Dee Wilson
    Director, Texas Department of Criminal Justice Reentry and Integration Division
  • Dennis Wilson
    Sheriff, Limestone County Sheriff’s Association
  • Steve Wohleb
    Senior Vice President / General Counsel, Texas Hospital Association
  • Julie Wayman
    Behavioral and Mental Health School Health & Related Services Coordinator, Texas Education Agency
  • Thea Whalen
    Executive Director, Texas Justice Courts Training Center
  • Brandon Wood
    Executive Director, Texas Commission on Jail Standards
  • Christine Yanas
    Director of Governmental Affairs, Methodist Healthcare Ministries
  • April Zamora
    Director, Reentry and Integration Division / Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments, Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Membership as of October 2018