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Materials published on the JCMH website are helpful reports and resources for judges and attorneys handling cases regarding persons with mental illness and/or IDD and are intended for reference use only. They are not legal advice, and may not represent the official opinion of the JCMH. The inclusion of external links are not endorsements by the JCMH of the content of the websites, or of their policies, services or opinions of the organization or individual. The JCMH reserves the right to decline requests for the addition of external resources.

Reports generated by the JCMH

Legislative Recommendations and Reports

2020 Judicial Summit on Mental Health Executive Summary

2019 Annual Report to the Court

2019 Strategic Plan

Presentation to JCMH

Top Priorities of the JCMH

Presentation at the May 15, 2018 meeting of the JCMH

Emergency Detention Round Table Report

External reports generated by JCMH stakeholders

2020 Criminal Justice Committee Recommendations

2016-2017 Policy Paper by the Conference of State Court Administrators

Decriminalization of Mental Illness: Fixing a Broken System; 2016-2017 Policy Paper by the Conference of State Court Administrators 

Exchanging Information on Special Needs Offenders

Harris County Mental Health Jail Diversion Pilot Program

Interim Report to the 85th Texas Legislature

Interim Report to the 85th Texas Legislature, House Select Committee on Mental Health

State Hospital System and Opportunities for Texas

State Hospital System and Opportunities for Texas

Presentation by:

Mike Maples
Deputy Executive Commissioner
Health and Specialty Care System

Texas Judicial Council Mental Health Committee Report & Recommendations

Texas Mental Health Defender Programs

Texas Statewide Behavioral Health Strategic Plan

22nd Edition: Texas Laws Relating to Mental Health; Reflecting changes in law passed by the 86th Legislature, Regular Session - 2019

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