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Completed Workshops

A SIM Mapping is a workshop to develop a map that illustrates how people with behavioral health needs come into contact with and flow through the criminal justice system. Through the workshop, facilitators and participants identify opportunities for linkage to services and for prevention of further penetration into the criminal justice system. Learn more about JCMH's workshops here


Upcoming Workshops in Texas

JCMH partners with HHSC’s Texas Behavioral Health and Justice Technical Assistance (TA Center) to provide SIM mapping workshops for communities.

January 2023 Kaufman  HHSC
February 2023 Grey HHSC
March 2023 Dallam, Hartley, & Moore HHSC
March 2023 Jack JCMH
April 2023 San Patricio JCMH
June 2023 Nueces HHSC
July 2023 Taylor HHSC