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Dr. Lynda Frost

Lynda Frost, J.D, Ph.D., runs Lynfro Consulting, which is committed to helping foundations, nonprofits, and other agencies maximize their impact through clarifying mission-consistent goals, implementing effective programs, and optimizing internal operations. Lynda’s skills have been honed through 25+ years in the nonprofit sector working to improve health, human services, education, and criminal justice outcomes for vulnerable communities. She brings to her work a unique combination of deep content knowledge and innovative process skills. She is passionate about designing fair and effective processes to reach each client’s goals, and is recognized for facilitating effective in-person and virtual meetings that inspire participants and deliver results. Lynda grounds her approach in years of experience with agencies seeking change on key social determinants of health. She has worked with these organizations as a funder, technical assistance provider, and board member and has a decades-long record of getting things done.

Lynda founded Lynfro Consulting in 2018 in order to leverage her extensive experience in grantmaking, program design, strategic planning, and public policy with her technical expertise in mental health and legal issues to help nonprofits effectively advance their mission. Prior to founding Lynfro Consulting, Lynda worked for 14 years at the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, where she oversaw major initiatives and grant programs, led strategic and operational planning, and managed program staff. Lynda is an experienced administrator and attorney with expertise in human rights, juvenile and criminal justice, special education, and mediation. She served as an Assistant Vice President in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at The University of Texas at Austin and held appointments as a clinical associate professor in the College of Education and the LBJ School of Public Affairs, where she taught interdisciplinary graduate seminars on topics such as Mental Health & Social Policy and Race, Leadership & the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Lynda previously held academic positions at the University of Virginia Schools of Law and Medicine, the American University in Cairo, and the University of Richmond School of Law.