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Round Table Discussion Groups

Round Table discussions are designed to address key issues affecting mental health and IDD law and the courts that hear those cases. The discussions are usually a half-day program facilitated by a subject-matter and legal expert. The topics vary and the number of Round Tables hosted each year varies according to the interest of stakeholders and issues demanding attention. JCMH has hosted several round tables to discuss topics including:

The Round Table provided a forum for stakeholders from law enforcement, the judiciary, and the state hospital system to identify barriers in the emergency detention process and to collaboratively design solutions.

This round table was a collaboration between the Texas Children’s Commission and the JCMH to discuss current issues in children's mental health.

The Eliminate the Wait toolkit was formed in 2021 to address the Competency Restoration Waitlist.

The Texas Judicial Commission on Mental Health (JCMH) hosted a Round Table for judges, mental health professionals, and law enforcement officers to learn from persons with lived experience. Individuals and families shares insights and recommendations to help develop tools and resources for courts and mental health system stakeholders.

Emergency detention (ED) is the legal procedure by which a person experiencing a severe mental health crisis may be detained for a preliminary examination and crisis stabilization, if appropriate. This round table addressed next steps post-expired emergency detention orders.