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The Judicial Commission on Mental Health (JCMH) is funded by the 86th Texas Legislature Regular Session H.B.1 (“General Appropriations Act”), Supreme Court of Texas, Strategy B.1.2 ("Court Improvement Projects")

The JCMH grant program is guided in its use of funds by its Mission and Strategic Plan. Decisions to fund grant requests are within the discretion of the JCMH and all funding from the JCMH is subject to the availability of funds. The JCMH or its designees will render decisions on applications for funding through grant review conducted at the staff level and then at the Executive Committee or Commission level to determine how well the proposal meets the JCMH’s Strategic Plan. The JCMH maintains the receipt of an application for grant funding does not obligate the JCMH to fund the grant. The JCMH makes no commitment that a grant, once funded, will receive subsequent funding.

More information about grant requirements and eligibility can be found in the Grant Guideline & Instructions.