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Smith County

Smith County Community Diversion Coordinator

Sandra Brazil-Hamilton

“In the first two years of this program in Smith County, we have diverted inmates to treatment and then continued to follow them throughout the year. This program helped people with mental illness and addictions get counseling, guide them to jobs, find a place to live, and other needs. With the help from the JCMH program, we were able to show how the majority of this population can go on to live productive lives. About 10% returned to jail/court, with minor charges. The exciting thing was watching the other 90% go on to live healthy lives and not return to jail, even in our third year.”

Smith County Successes

  • Formed a jail diversion taskforce aka Forensic Team to address the competency restoration waitlist
  • Presented training on mental health and jail diversion to local law enforcement officers.
  • Act as a resource for all police departments, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, and probation to utilize when they encounter persons with mental health or substance use concerns

The JCMH put on a SIM Mapping workshop in Smith County on September 22 - 23, 2022. The workshop was facilitated by Founder of Lynfro Consulting, Lynda Frost, and Managing Partner of D-Degree Coaching and Training, Doug Smith. 

The workshop was hosted by Smith County Judge Nathaniel Moran, Smith County Precinct 1 Commissioner & incoming County Judge Neal Franklin, and Smith County Community Diversion Coordinator Sandra Brazil-Hamilton.