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Forms Committee

The Forms Committee was established in December 2019 and was tasked with examining common mental health forms with the goal of producing a set of standardized forms that could be used in any county in the state.

The Forms Committee is chaired by Judge Dave Jahn. The Committee met regularly in 2020 and has continued working into 2021, on forms related to Emergency Detention, Order of Protective Custody, Court-Ordered Mental Health and IDD services, Jail and Magistration, Incompetency, Psychoactive Medication, and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities proceedings.

Committee Members:

  • Hon. Brent Carr, Chair 362 Task Force
    Retired Judge, Tarrant County, Criminal Court No. 9
  • Hon. Dave Jahn, Chair Forms Subcommittee
    Judge, Denton County Probate Court
  • Melinda Brents, J.D.
    University of Houston School of Law
  • Hon. Nelda Cacciotti
    Assistant District Attorney, Tarrant County 
  • Hon. Guy Herman
    Judge, Travis County Probate Court No. 1
  • Hon. Roxanne Nelson
    Judge, Burnett County Precinct 1
  • Hon. Robin Ramsay
    Assoc. Criminal Judge, Denton County Magistrate Court 
  • Steve Wohleb
    Texas Hospital Association

Updated October 2023