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Shandra Carter, Austin

Shandra Carter was named the Executive Director of TJJD in December 2022. She had served as Interim Executive Director of the agency since April 2022, and previously worked as the agency’s Deputy Executive Director for State Services. Ms. Carter brings a wealth of knowledge to the position as an expert in juvenile justice. An accomplished professional with more than a decade of experience working in corrections, she has dedicated her career to promoting public safety and has specialized in child development, abuse and neglect, and sexual violence treatment. She has worked primarily in residential and correctional settings, developing trauma-informed programming and programs to serve child sex-trafficking victims.

Ms. Carter earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Law, Societies & Justice from the University of Washington. She went on to earn her master’s degree in Social Work at Eastern Washington University. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Supervisor in Texas as well as a Licensed Childcare Administrator. When not on the job, Ms. Carter enjoys spending time with her husband, trying to keep up with her energetic teenager, and playing with the family’s three dogs.