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Hon. Pamela H. Liston, Decatur

Pamela H. Liston is the City Attorney of Decatur, Texas. She is also of counsel to the law firm of Messer Fort, PLLC, Associate Judge for the Town of Fairview, and the former presiding judge of the Rowlett Municipal Court of Record. Judge Liston has practiced in municipal law and criminal law contexts for 29 years. She is noted for her work toward safeguarding public trust in the judiciary through procedural fairness, organization and accuracy, judicial education, and faithful application of the law. Judge Liston is a past contributor to state and national programs to improve services provided by courts of limited jurisdiction. Her work includes projects with the National Center for State Courts, State Justice Institute, Center for Court Innovation, Judicial Commission on Mental Health (JCMH), Texas Municipal Courts Education Center (TMCEC), Kansas Association of Court Management, and Texas Department of Transportation. Her public service includes work as a prosecutor (state and local), a defense attorney (state and federal), and judge (local).

Judge Liston is the past president of the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center and presenter on matters of mental health reform in the context of criminal procedure before the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee and the Texas Committee on Constitutional Rights and Remedies of the Texas Legislature.