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Hon. Roxanne Nelson, Burnet

Judge Roxanne Nelson lives in Burnet, Texas and has served as Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1 since her appointment in November 2015. She has twice been elected to fill this position. She has also served as Associate Judge for the cities of Granite Shoals and Burnet.

Appointed as Associate Judge for the City of Granite Shoals in March 2010 and working through an interlocal agreement between the City and Burnet County, Judge Nelson served as full time magistrate at the Burnet County Jail, as well as the Indigent Defense Coordinator and Mental Health Liaison. In June 2011, at the request of the Burnet County Commissioners’ Court, the position of Burnet County Criminal Magistrate was created statutorily and Judge Nelson was appointed to serve in that position until her November 2015 appointment as Justice of the Peace.

Working in the jail provided her the opportunity to experience firsthand the dire circumstances that incarcerated mentally ill and intellectually disabled individuals face, as well as the challenges faced by Texas Sheriffs as they try to provide for those needs. She continues to perform magistrate duties at the jail and works closely with the local mental health authority in Burnet County to ensure that these vulnerable individuals receive the appropriate attention and care needed.

Judge Nelson was appointed in September 2018 by the Burnet County Commissioners’ Court as the county representative to the Bluebonnet Trails Community Services Board of Trustees; she now serves as the Chair. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Texas Council of Community Centers.